(listed chronologically)

Ashley Moulton (M.S. 2017)
Master's thesis: Short term effects of nutrients on a barrier island community

Stephen Via (Ph.D. 2016)
Dissertation: From seed to sky: impacts of explosive compounds on vegetation across spatial and developmental scales

Joseph Brown (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Emergent interactions influence functional traits and success of dune building ecosystem engineers

April Harris (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Differential responses of barrier island dune grasses to species interactions and burial 

Joseph Thompson (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Mechanisms of native shrub encroachment on a Virginia barrier island

Taylor Price (B.S. 2016)
Undergraduate Research: Plant community assembly across an environmental gradient

Paul Manley (M.S.  2015)
Master's thesis: Plant functional trait and hyperspectral reflectance responses to Comp B exposure: efficacy of plants as landmine detectors

Audrey Kirschner (B.S. 2015)
Undergraduate Research: Grassland species vary in tolerance to stressors associated with climate change

Spencer Bissett (Ph.D. 2015)
Dissertation: Consequences of vine infestation: linking abiotic influences and biotic interactions to successional and structural changes in coastal communities

Sheri Shiflett (Ph.D.  2014)
Dissertation: Physiological mechanisms of shrub encroachment: linking enhanced hydraulic capacity tp efficient light capture and processing

Ben Dows (M.S.  2014)
Master's thesis: Roles of seed dispersal and environmental filters in establishment of the dominant shrubs: Morella cerifera and M. pensylvanica, on an Atlantic barrier island

Molly Hokkanen (M.S.  2013)
Master's thesis: Environmental influences on sex ratio and spatial distribution of dioecious Morella cerifera L. on a Virginia barrier island

Stephen Via (M.S.  2012)
Master's thesis: Impacts of RDX soil contamination across and age gradient for the native shrub Morella cerifera

Kati Rubis (M.S.  2011)
Master's thesis: Shrubs as sentinels of ordnance contamination: using plant physiology and remote sensing to detect TNT in soils

Elizabeth Kost (M.S. 2011)
Master's thesis: Changes in N, photosynthesis and leaf morphology in Morella cerifera with increased age.

Steven Brantley (Ph.D. 2009)
Dissertation: Consequences of shrub encroachment:  Linking changes in canopy structure to shifts in the resource environment.

Julie Naumann (Ph.D. 2008)
Dissertation: Linking physiological responses, chlorophyll fluorescence and hyperspectral imagery to detect environmental stress in coastal plants.

Spencer Bissett (M.S. 2008)
Master's thesis: Avian dispersal of the actinomycete Frankia across a barrier island landscape.

Sheri Shiflett (M.S. 2008)
Master's thesis: Avian seed dispersal on Virginia barrier islands: potential influence on vegetation community structure and patch dynamics.

Jeremy Fennell (M.S. 2007)
Master's thesis: Phragmites australis patch characteristics in relation to landcover patterns on the Eastern Shore, Virginia.

Jaclyn Vick (M.S. 2007)
Master's thesis: Corticular photosynthetic dynamics for a coastal woody shrub: Myrica cerifera (Myricaceae).

Steven Brantley (M.S. 2005)
Master's thesis: Seasonal and spatial variation in leaf area index, litter production and light levels in Myrica cerifera shrub thickets across a barrier island chronosequence

Jaime Fuest (M.S. 2005)
Master's thesis: Spatial and temporal variations in dune vegetation, Orthopteran abundance, and herbivory damage on a Virigina barrier island.

Julie Naumann (M.S. 2004)
Master's Thesis:  Quantifying successional dynamics in the context of a restoration plan for a maritime forest

Jessica White (M.S. 2003)
Master's thesis: Interrelated factors affecting expansion of Phragmites australis in coastal environments of Virginia.

Maria Mood (M.S. 2001)
Master's thesis: Salinity tolerance between brackish and freshwater populations of Phragmites australis in Virginia, USA.

Christine Craig (M.S. 2001)
Master's thesis: Physiological responses of Phragmites australis to flooding at different salinity levels.

Dorothy Field (M.S. 1999)
Master's thesis: Shrub establishment on a Virginia barrier island: spatial and temporal variations in arbuscular mycorrhizae.

Amy Anstey (M.S. 1999)
Master's thesis: Effects of flooding and salinity on the growth and distribution of Clethra alnifolia L. (sweet pepper bush).

Hugh Sullivan (M.S. 1998)
Master's thesis: Ant distribution patterns and the potential dispersal of root endosymbionts in a strand environment.

John F. Barimo (M.S. 1998)
Master's thesis: Zonation patterns in Orthoptera (Acrididae) distribution and plant-herbivore interactions in relation to primary succession on a Virginia barrier island.

Michael T. Elliott (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Influences of tidal litter (wrack) and microtopography on strand species and on community composition.

Annamarie Wijnholds (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Relationship between the distribution of the Actinomycete, Frankia and the distribution of the host plant, Myrica cerifera, on a Virginia barrier island.

Kathryn Tolliver (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Biotic interactions influencing shrub establishment on an Atlantic Coast barrier island.

Dierdre Joy (M.S. 1996)
Master's thesis: Juniperus virginiana: nurse plant for woody seedlings on a Virginia barrier island.

Edward Crawford (M.S. 1995)
Master's thesis: Gap dynamics in barrier island shrub thickets.

David W. Martin (M.S. 1995)
Master's thesis: Small-scale distribution and salinity response of Juniperus virginia on a Virginia barrier island.

Shawn W. Semones (M.S. 1994)
Master's thesis: A probable VAM association in the actinorhizal shrub Myrica cerifera on a Virginia barrier island.

David L. Erickson (M.S. 1994)
Master's thesis: Salt tolerance and the potential for ocean dispersal of a barrier island strand glycophyte, Strophosyles umbellata (Fabaceae).

Stephen J. Johnson (M.S. 1991)
Master's thesis: Influence of salinity and shading on the population of Pinus taeda on barrier islands, and variation in tree ring width in relation to storm activity among mid-Atlantic barrier island populations of Pinus taeda.

Martha K. Whittemore (M.S. 1990)
Master's thesis: Soil moisture, salinity, and the water relations patterns of barrier island plants.  

Eve Sande (M.S. 1990)
Master's thesis: Effect of sodium chloride on growth and nitrogenase activity in Myrica cerifera.

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