(listed chronologically)

Audrey Kirschner (M.S. 2019)
Master's thesis: Planting density effects on growth of coastal dune grasses.

Michael Sinclair (M.S. 2019)
Master's thesis: Facilitative and competitive trade-offs between Morella cerifera seedlings and coastal grasses.

Ben Nettleton (M.S. 2018)
Master's thesis: The role of vegetation-topographic interactions in a barrier island system: island migration in a changing climate

Ashley Moulton (M.S. 2017)
Master's thesis: Short term effects of nutrients on a barrier island community

Stephen Via (Ph.D. 2016)
Dissertation: From seed to sky: impacts of explosive compounds on vegetation across spatial and developmental scales

Joseph Brown (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Emergent interactions influence functional traits and success of dune building ecosystem engineers

April Harris (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Differential responses of barrier island dune grasses to species interactions and burial 

Joseph Thompson (M.S. 2016)
Master's thesis: Mechanisms of native shrub encroachment on a Virginia barrier island

Taylor Price (B.S. 2016)
Undergraduate Research: Plant community assembly across an environmental gradient

Paul Manley (M.S.  2015)
Master's thesis: Plant functional trait and hyperspectral reflectance responses to Comp B exposure: efficacy of plants as landmine detectors

Audrey Kirschner (B.S. 2015)
Undergraduate Research: Grassland species vary in tolerance to stressors associated with climate change

Spencer Bissett (Ph.D. 2015)
Dissertation: Consequences of vine infestation: linking abiotic influences and biotic interactions to successional and structural changes in coastal communities

Sheri Shiflett (Ph.D.  2014)
Dissertation: Physiological mechanisms of shrub encroachment: linking enhanced hydraulic capacity tp efficient light capture and processing

Ben Dows (M.S.  2014)
Master's thesis: Roles of seed dispersal and environmental filters in establishment of the dominant shrubs: Morella cerifera and M. pensylvanica, on an Atlantic barrier island

Molly Hokkanen (M.S.  2013)
Master's thesis: Environmental influences on sex ratio and spatial distribution of dioecious Morella cerifera L. on a Virginia barrier island

Stephen Via (M.S.  2012)
Master's thesis: Impacts of RDX soil contamination across and age gradient for the native shrub Morella cerifera

Kati Rubis (M.S.  2011)
Master's thesis: Shrubs as sentinels of ordnance contamination: using plant physiology and remote sensing to detect TNT in soils

Elizabeth Kost (M.S. 2011)
Master's thesis: Changes in N, photosynthesis and leaf morphology in Morella cerifera with increased age.

Steven Brantley (Ph.D. 2009)
Dissertation: Consequences of shrub encroachment:  Linking changes in canopy structure to shifts in the resource environment.

Julie Naumann (Ph.D. 2008)
Dissertation: Linking physiological responses, chlorophyll fluorescence and hyperspectral imagery to detect environmental stress in coastal plants.

Spencer Bissett (M.S. 2008)
Master's thesis: Avian dispersal of the actinomycete Frankia across a barrier island landscape.

Sheri Shiflett (M.S. 2008)
Master's thesis: Avian seed dispersal on Virginia barrier islands: potential influence on vegetation community structure and patch dynamics.

Jeremy Fennell (M.S. 2007)
Master's thesis: Phragmites australis patch characteristics in relation to landcover patterns on the Eastern Shore, Virginia.

Jaclyn Vick (M.S. 2007)
Master's thesis: Corticular photosynthetic dynamics for a coastal woody shrub: Myrica cerifera (Myricaceae).

Steven Brantley (M.S. 2005)
Master's thesis: Seasonal and spatial variation in leaf area index, litter production and light levels in Myrica cerifera shrub thickets across a barrier island chronosequence

Jaime Fuest (M.S. 2005)
Master's thesis: Spatial and temporal variations in dune vegetation, Orthopteran abundance, and herbivory damage on a Virigina barrier island.

Julie Naumann (M.S. 2004)
Master's Thesis:  Quantifying successional dynamics in the context of a restoration plan for a maritime forest

Jessica White (M.S. 2003)
Master's thesis: Interrelated factors affecting expansion of Phragmites australis in coastal environments of Virginia.

Maria Mood (M.S. 2001)
Master's thesis: Salinity tolerance between brackish and freshwater populations of Phragmites australis in Virginia, USA.

Christine Craig (M.S. 2001)
Master's thesis: Physiological responses of Phragmites australis to flooding at different salinity levels.

Dorothy Field (M.S. 1999)
Master's thesis: Shrub establishment on a Virginia barrier island: spatial and temporal variations in arbuscular mycorrhizae.

Amy Anstey (M.S. 1999)
Master's thesis: Effects of flooding and salinity on the growth and distribution of Clethra alnifolia L. (sweet pepper bush).

Hugh Sullivan (M.S. 1998)
Master's thesis: Ant distribution patterns and the potential dispersal of root endosymbionts in a strand environment.

John F. Barimo (M.S. 1998)
Master's thesis: Zonation patterns in Orthoptera (Acrididae) distribution and plant-herbivore interactions in relation to primary succession on a Virginia barrier island.

Michael T. Elliott (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Influences of tidal litter (wrack) and microtopography on strand species and on community composition.

Annamarie Wijnholds (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Relationship between the distribution of the Actinomycete, Frankia and the distribution of the host plant, Myrica cerifera, on a Virginia barrier island.

Kathryn Tolliver (M.S. 1997)
Master's thesis: Biotic interactions influencing shrub establishment on an Atlantic Coast barrier island.

Dierdre Joy (M.S. 1996)
Master's thesis: Juniperus virginiana: nurse plant for woody seedlings on a Virginia barrier island.

Edward Crawford (M.S. 1995)
Master's thesis: Gap dynamics in barrier island shrub thickets.

David W. Martin (M.S. 1995)
Master's thesis: Small-scale distribution and salinity response of Juniperus virginia on a Virginia barrier island.

Shawn W. Semones (M.S. 1994)
Master's thesis: A probable VAM association in the actinorhizal shrub Myrica cerifera on a Virginia barrier island.

David L. Erickson (M.S. 1994)
Master's thesis: Salt tolerance and the potential for ocean dispersal of a barrier island strand glycophyte, Strophosyles umbellata (Fabaceae).

Stephen J. Johnson (M.S. 1991)
Master's thesis: Influence of salinity and shading on the population of Pinus taeda on barrier islands, and variation in tree ring width in relation to storm activity among mid-Atlantic barrier island populations of Pinus taeda.

Martha K. Whittemore (M.S. 1990)
Master's thesis: Soil moisture, salinity, and the water relations patterns of barrier island plants.  

Eve Sande (M.S. 1990)
Master's thesis: Effect of sodium chloride on growth and nitrogenase activity in Myrica cerifera.

Recent news

Congratulations Dr. Natasha Woods for being named one of the top inspiring black scientists in America! You are always an inspiration to us.

Congratulations Joe Brown for his second dissetation chapter published in the Special Issue "Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems": Trait-based investigation reveals patterns of community response to nutrient enrichment in coastal mesic grassland

Congratulations Shannon Walker and Nicole Keller for successfully defending their MS theses!

Emily Riffe was awarded the Garden Club of Virginia's 2020 Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship for her project "Native and invasice dune grasses: importance of belowground traits and biotic interactions." Well done Emily!