Coastal Plant Ecology Lab

Our research focuses on plant interactions and feedbacks with the environment at multiple scales. We work at the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research site. Current research includes plant interactions with geomorphology, factors that lead to grassland-shrubland state change, and consequences of change that determine barrier island resilience. We collaborate with local and international researchers, and encourage interactions in national and international forums. Check us out on instagram and twitter @CPELVCU

Recent news

Welcome Drew White, newest MS student!

New paper accepted in Ecosphere:  Seasonal facilitative and competitive trade-offs in shrub seedlings and coastal grasses.

New collaboration with Chris Hein (VIMS) and Nick Cohn (USACE) through NOAA-EESLR: Is an old dune a more resilient dune?

Congratulations to Audrey Kirschner for successfully defending her MS thesis on planting density of dune building grasses.


Other collaboration

CPEL is a member of the Nutrient Network. We maintain 2 sites on Hog and Metompkin Islands in order to understand how disturbance regime interacts with nutrient additions on coastal grassland communities.